Resources to Help Connect with CASA Child

-How to talk with kids and teens about Coronavirus

-Tips for Video Chatting with Young Children – Staying Connected While Far Apart

-Zero to Thrive: Helping Young Kids Through The Coronavirus Crisis

-Child Mind Institute: Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis

-Staying Mindful of Child Development When Discussing COVID-19

- Covid-19 Workbook for children

-Safe Babies - Guidance on Virtual Visits with Very Young Children - Dallas CASA

- Guidance for Volunteers - Ways to Safely Stay in Touch with Children

- Tips for Video Chatting with Young Children Staying Connected While Far Apart

Activities to Interact Virtually w/CASA child

1. Ask the kids to prepare something they can show and tell.
2. Play Would You Rather.  There are lots of questions you can find on Google.
3. Play I Spy by looking at a picture
4. Scavenger Hunt
5. Directed drawing.
6. Reading a book

      Because a Bug Went Ka-Choo!

7. Engage with younger children using animal faces on the FaceTime and Duo apps ​

Resources to Share With Caregivers:

-KidSmartz Personal Safety Program

-NetSmartz Online Safety Program

- Resources to Support Educational Success for Students in Foster Care
During COVID-19

- Emotionally Managing COVID-19: A Parent and Caregiver’s Guide

- Maintaining Family Connections Virtually: Tips and Resources

Community Resources

-Catholic Charities and Mother Theresa Shelter Still Serving During COVID-19 Pandemic

- TRLA Provides Resources for Texas Renters As Eviction Moratorium Expires

- The IRS announced a pre-recorded phone tree 800-919-9835 to answer common questions about the Economic Impact Payments. Those who need additional assistance at the conclusion of the message will have the option of talking to a telephone representative

Regarding CHILD ADVOCACY Now and until further notice:

1. In person face to face contact with your CASA child is no longer permitted.

Advocates are required to make arrangements for a technology based face-to-face visit with their child (skype, facetime, zoom) at a minimum once a month. If this is not possible, advocates should schedule a minimum of 2 phone calls during the month. If this can not happen for some reason, advocates should reach out to their Advisor to create an individual plan of action regarding child contact.

*If your CASA child is residing at a Residential Treatment Center, they have the capability to video conference- ask your Advisor for details.

2. Advocates will need to document the reason that a child visit did not occur using the “No Child Visit – Documentation” Activity Type in Optima

3. The remaining critical contacts (CPS, CASA, Caregiver) should still be completed and documented as usual.

The health and safety of our volunteer, staff, families, and community is our primary responsibility at CASA.

We want to make accommodations that allow for all to remain safe and well while we navigate through this health crisis. Please continue to reference to this page for updates on CASA’s plan of Action in the wake of COVID, and resources available to you to support you in continuing your advocacy that is need now more than ever,

Some things to keep in mind for OUR CHILDREN:

1. Your children are used to seeing you often and rely on scheduled visits to occur. If you had previously planned a visit, be sure to clearly communicating to your child the reason for the change. Some of our children are far too young to understand the implication of COVID, and we do not want them to feel isolated or as if they did something wrong to prevent your visit.

2. As we all know, our children live in a world where everything is unknown to them all the time. They are sometimes unsure if their home and school will be changing, and the response to COVID could trigger a variety of emotions and reactions for our children. Be sensitive to these feelings and be sure to check on your children on how they are feeling in response to the changes surrounding them.

3. For many of our children, school is the place they go to feel “normal” – to have friends, normal social interactions, etc. With school cancellations occurring all over the state, it will be important to check in with our kids on this component as well, and make sure that they are feeling as emotionally and socially supported as possible. This may mean increasing contact between CASAs and children or helping to facilitate a plan for technology based socialization between our kids and their classmates.

Regarding COURT AND MEETINGS Now Until Further Notice:

1. The Aransas County Court will conduct all court hearings through Zoom beginning Monday, March 30.  They will also have a live Youtube channel broadcasting the hearings for family members, interested parties, etc. as only participants will be allowed into the virtual courtroom. 

The Nueces County Court will begin holding court hearings via Zoom, A link for each hearing will be sent to Advocate Advisors who will send to advocates.

2. DFPS has been placed on travel restriction and is being encouraged to hold meetings via teleconference. Advocates should expect CFE team meetings, PCs, FGCs, Staffings, etc to transition to remote meetings until further notice. We will be in communication with any updates we hear regarding specific meetings that are already scheduled.

COVID-19 & CASA of the Coastal Bend

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Continuing Education

Our friends at Brush Country CASA shared this list of virtual continuing education ideas including tv shows, movies and webinars::

​- List of TV Shows, Movies & Webinars

Visit our Continuing Education calendar for listings of upcoming webinars:

-Continuing Education Calendar

Weekly Update Call for Advocates with CASA of the Coastal Bend leadership,

bi-monthly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 12pm. See below for call in details.

Weekly Update Call

Bi-monthly, 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 12pm 

*Ask your Advocate Advisor for Zoom link and dial in number to join meetings.

Find out changes in procedures and

have your questions answered.

Submit your questions to your Advisor the

​Friday prior to the meeting.

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Advocating for Children in Nueces and Aransas Counties

CASA of the Coastal Bend 


 1. The CASA office will be closed until further notice with staff working remotely. Staff will remain available to advocates to take calls, respond to emails, etc. Please be sure you have your Advocate Advisor’s cell phone number and email address accessible for these remote work days.

2. Advocate Advisors will hold meetings remotely (phone, Zoom, Facetime, etc.) - including monthly team meetings with advocates. Please reach out to your Advocate Advisor to customize your plans according to your own needs and preferences.

 3. If advocates have business that needs to be handled at the CASA office, please contact your Advocate Advisor to make arrangements.