Tara O'Connell    

TDFPS CVS Program Administrator, Region 11
2nd Term 10/03-10/06.  Yearly Term 10/06 to 10/07


Lita Fuentes 

Retired Teacher
2nd Term 06/04-06/07.  Yearly term 05/13 to 05/14.  Elected yearly since 06/07, 12/13 inducted to Emeritus Board by a unanimous board vote.


Elia Gutierrez     

Retired Teacher

Past President
2nd Term 05/04-05/07.  Yearly term 05/13 to 05/14.  Elected yearly since 05/07, 12/13 inducted to Emeritus Board by a unanimous board vote.


Vicki Hale                                                              

Community Member
1st Term: 10/05-10/08, 2nd Term 10/08-10/11.  Yearly term: 05/13 to 05/14.  Elected yearly since 05/11, 12/13 inducted to Emeritus Board by a unanimous board vote.

Drusilla Knight-Villarreal

Retired Teacher
1st Term: 01/96-01/99, 2nd Term 01/99-01/02 (all on advisory board w/o voting resp.)3rd Term 10/05-10/08.  Elected yearly since 20, 12/13 inducted to Emeritus Board by a unanimous board vote.


Kathy Coker
Community Member
Past President                                              
1st Term: 10/13-10/16 

Phyllis Stephenson
Attorney at Law
1st Term: 11/10 to 11/14, 2nd Term 2/14 to 2/17; Executive Committee 2013-14

Leslie Ratliff             

Certified Public Accountant



Laura Commons
Realtor, Keller-Williams 
1st Term: 05/14 to 05/17


Lulana Cain                                                  

Realtor, CASA Volunteer
1st Term: 07/15 to 07/18

Eddie Gamez                                                 

Refinery Controller, Valero Refining TX – LP
Past President
1st Term: 04/08 to 04/11, 2nd Term: 04/11to 04/14; BGC elected 3rd Term: 05/14 to 05/17

David Gilmore                               

Territory Representative, Republic Services
1st Term: 01/16 to 01/19

Rachel Pruneda Gomez     

Branch Sales Manager & Mortgage Banker, Envoy Mortgage
1st Term: 01/17 to 01/20

Kelly Hall

Community Member
Executive Committee 2015-16, 2016-2017
1st Term: 04/15 to 04/18

Eric Newman                                                                                   

CR & Marketing Supervisor, Braselton Homes
1st Term: 8/14 to 8/17

Cheryl Reed                                                                    

Business Owner, Reed’s RV
1st Term: 12/16 to 12/19

Adolfo Trevino               
                                                                    Retired Senior Strategic Analyst, FEMA
1st Term: 04/16 to 04/19

Tanner Twomey                                                                                Sales Mgr. CC Hooks
1st Term: 7/15 to 7/18 

Belinda Villarreal             

Community Member        

Past President
1st Term: 05/07 to 05/10, 2nd Term 05/10 to 05/13.  Yearly term 05/13 to 05/14 per bylaws granted one full
Term by Board of Directors 12/17/13; New Term: 12/13 to 12/16; Executive Committee 2013-14

Christopher Vratil                                   

Director of Operations, Nustar Energy
1st Term: 07/16 to 07/19