Child abuse and neglect is an ongoing epidemic that has a lasting negative impact on the victims, our society and our economy.

Last year in Texas:

  • There were 58,644 confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect.
  • Almost every 9 minutes a child became a victim of abuse or neglect.
  • 60% of child abuse or neglect victims were 6 years old or younger.
  • 19,079 children were removed from home due to abuse or neglect. That’s 52 children entering the foster care system each day.
  • A total of 48,795 children were in the child protection system.

While the numbers are daunting, at CASA we believe that there is hope and that we are all an essential part of the solution. Together, we can help break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. This is a time for communities and families to focus on working together to prevent child abuse. According to the Department of Family & Protective Services, there were more than 58,600 confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect in Texas last year. We must play an active role in preventing child abuse and positively promote the well-being of children and families.

Here are some ways to stand up for abused children in April and throughout the year.


CASA volunteer advocates are critically needed to speak for abused and neglected children in court. Currently, half of abused and neglected children in the Coastal Bend have CASA volunteers to speak for them. You can help an abused child have a loving, permanent home by becoming a CASA volunteer.

Invite Others.

Host a CASA information session at your company, house of worship or community organization. CASA would love to share how members of your organization can help abused children.

Raise Funds. 

To support recruitment and training of CASA volunteers, we need crucial funding to pay for support staff and training materials. Consider hosting a blue jeans day at your office. Ask your staff to wear blue jeans for a donation of a few dollars to support CASA. Host a bake sale, happy hour or car wash with your colleagues to raise funds to support CASA of the Coastal Bend.

Ring In Child Abuse Prevention Month

CASA, BCFS Health and Human Services, Education Service Center & Methodist Children's Home (MCH) are ringing in National Child Abuse Prevention Month! Families, friends, community leaders, community partners, EVERYONE is invited to step up, speak up and protect abused and neglected children in our community.

Each person attending will receive a bell and ribbon to "ring in" April as Child Abuse Prevention Month and serve as a "call-to-action" for everyone to do their part in preventing child abuse everywhere!

The CASA front lawn will be decorated with 500 pinwheels throughout April. The pinwheels will serve as a reminder that we must make every effort to bring children in foster care a strong voice, a healing heart, and the determination to find each child a safe, permanent home.

LIght refreshments will be provided. Friends and family welcome!

Go Blue. 

Texas #GoBlueDay is Friday, April 7th, 2017. Wear blue to show your support of protecting children. Encourage friends and colleagues to go blue and post a picture in support of #GoBlueDay

Lend Your Voice.

Share a simple message of hope on your social networks about how others can help abused children have safe, loving homes by supporting CASA. Like us on Facebook for updated information on child abuse and how others can help. Share posts to help spread the word about CASA of the Coastal Bend.

Participate in Blue Sunday

Blue Sunday is an annual event where churches pray for the victims of child abuse and those who rescue and care for them. Originally starting with 20 churches, Blue Sunday has grown into an international effort with more than 2 million participants

This year’s Blue Sunday is on April 30, 2017. Additional information and resources are available on the Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention Initiative website.

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