There were 7,478 alleged victims of child abuse or neglect across the coastal bend. 1,760 of those cases were confirmed.

945 of those children entered foster care. Up from 2015's 741, This equates to over 30 classrooms.

Only 378 of those children are currently being served by CASA volunteers. That leaves 624 children waiting for you.

Every child has a chance- it's you.

Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care. As a CASA, you are empowered by the courts to help make this dream a reality.

Children with CASAs are more likely to find a safe, permanent home. They spend half as much time in foster care on average, and are less likely to re-enter foster care. Become a CASA today!

A Young Man's Most Treasured Things 

    When I first met John he was 12 years old and had just entered foster care. He and his four siblings had been homeless. He and his twin took turns taking care of the two youngest so that each could go to school every other day.
    While in state care, John was moved 15 times in two years. A child used to no rules was forced into strange houses, three hospitals, emergency care facilities and residential treatment centers in five different cities.
    John watched as his siblings found permanent homes: An aunt took custody of his older brother and twin sister, but not him.......

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